For over 15 years, Alpha Advertising has designed covers and illustrated pages for publishers and authors across the United States and abroad. We know what catches the eye of today's market. We also understand the special needs of printers, binderies, and bookstores. The most important thing… WE DESIGN BOOK COVERS THAT SELL.

If you use our services, you're not just getting a great book cover design, you're getting a marketing tool that works. We know how to move books.

Choose a category below that interests you. Click on the image to see the book cover designs. We have either created the book cover you see or finished a project already started.

Although the book covers shown are intended to showcase our capabilites, these projects are also testaments to the authors and publishers they represent. We give credit and thanks to each of the individuals represented.

Have you shopped around for a book cover design? You've probably discovered that book cover design can get expensive and it's hard to get a firm price. Because Alpha Advertising specializes in book cover design, we can get most professional book covers to your printer for under $1000. We offer three pricing packages starting at $449. To see book cover prices and how to order, click here. Publishers should call for pricing.

What happens when you order a book cover design from us? What is the process? How does payment work? How long until you get your final cover? What is required?
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What publishers and authors are saying:

Alpha Advertising has designed book covers for us for over 12 years.

They not only show a great understanding of art and design, but have a keen insight into marketing and promotion.

From Alpha I am not just purchasing good book cover art, I am getting effective marketing tools.

Warren Walsh
Senior Editor
YWAM Publishing
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